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Our patent pending face coverings have earned us recognition from top media outlets, and we have received tons of 5-star customer reviews on our site. Whether you’re working from an office, commuting on public transportation or shopping for groceries, INEX GEAR is built for your new daily routine. All INEX products are embedded with our INEXSHIELD™ nanofiber filtration technology that helps block harmful airborne contaminants. Plus, our gear is washable, reusable, and includes an antimicrobial treatment.


  • Up to 15% commission.
  • 30 day cookie window.
  • Operated through Share-A-Sale.
  • Exclusive codes and discounts for top-performing partners.

Become an INEX Gear affiliate!

To apply, you will need to have a social media following, blog, YouTube channel or website. Both big and small audiences are always welcome!

Please make sure to read our Terms & Conditions before applying for our program.


INEX GEAR was started with a clear mission: provide people with a superior shield from airborne containments and germs. We believe we have a responsibility to help make sure everyone has access to functional, practical, and comfortable protective gear designed for everyday use. We are passionate about being part of the solution. We are committed to donating to those in need. Protect yourself and those around you, with the right gear.


Agreement to the following terms and conditions is the legally binding contract of your participation in the INEX GEAR affiliate program. This program is offered subject to your acknowledgment and acceptance of the terms contained herein, subject to any modifications or adjustments as made necessary by INEX GEAR to be updated on the website under the terms and conditions page designated for affiliate partners.

 By completing your application process to join the INEX GEAR affiliate program, you indicate your acceptance of this terms and conditions agreement.

1. Your Account
To complete registration, you will provide an email address and a password. You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on your account and you agree that you will never use another affiliate account without permission from that user. You are also responsible for keeping your own account password secure. If, in the event you think your account has been breached or used unlawfully or without your permission, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately and change your password or delete your account as necessary. INEX GEAR will not be held liable for any losses caused by any unauthorized use or breech of your account, however, you may be deemed liable for the losses to INEX GEAR for misuse or unauthorized use of your account. You may cancel participation in the affiliate program at any time by deleting your INEX GEAR affiliate account. You also realize that any commission credits or money due to you may also be forfeited.

2. Changes and Modifications
INEX GEAR reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, suspend, or dissolve this agreement and your participation in the affiliate program at any time. INEX GEAR may also impose limitations or restrictions upon any features within the affiliate program without notice or liability. You are responsible for reviewing any such modifications or changes.

3. Your Unique Code. You will be issued a unique URL link and discount code that is specific to you and your account alone. This URL link may be embedded in emails that INEX GEAR provides to you for your use in the affiliate program. It is this unique designation that allows you to be paid. INEX GEAR is not responsible for any referral sales you make that are not attributed to your unique link or code. You can place your unique URL on any of your personal social or online channels at your discretion. You agree that you will only use such channels with accounts registered in your name or which you are authorized to use. Any use of the INEX GEAR name, trademark, logo or any other identifying indicator will be unmodified from its original form and in compliance with INEX GEAR’s technical and legal specifications. Any misuse of an INEX GEAR asset may result in account modification or suspension.

4. How You Make Commissions
When someone you send a referral link to uses or clicks your link, they will be redirected to the INEX GEAR website. A cookie file is saved in that user’s browser cache for 7 days. To receive credit and a commission for the first sale, that user must place a completed transaction on the site within that timeframe without clearing their browser’s cache and cookies.

You will receive a commission for each referred customer who successfully completes their first transaction on the INEX GEAR website using your unique URL link or discount code. You will only receive a commission for the first purchase made by each referred customer. Applicable taxes and shipping charges to the referred customer order will not apply.

You can log into your Partner Portal dashboard at any time to track your affiliate commissions. Your dashboard is your resource to be used to monitor and track your commissions. Commission credits will be displayed as a running cumulative total that indicates what is owed to you at any given time.

5. How You Get Paid
You will receive a commission payout on the 1st and 15th of every month when your accrued commission total reaches or exceeds $20. Commissions are calculated after any refunds, credits, or cancellations of any affiliate referral order. If a referral customer's order is cancelled, returned, or refunded, INEX GEAR will deduct that amount from your accrued commission earnings. If a cancellation, refund, or credit is issued after a commission payout is made, then your account will reflect a deduction (or negative credit amount), that will apply towards any future commissions that are earned.
Commission payouts will be made through Paypal. It is your responsibility to make sure your Paypal email address is accurate and that your Paypal account is active and in good standing such as to receive payments. INEX GEAR is not responsible for any fees that Paypal may charge you to receive funds. Standard Paypal terms and conditions apply. All payments through Paypal are made in U.S. dollars only.

If you have accrued commission amounts totaling $500. or more in a single calendar year, INEX GEAR will issue a 1099 and you will be required to submit your social security number for tax purposes. Once you reach a total of $500. in commissions, you will not receive further commission payouts until proper tax filing information has been received by INEX GEAR.

6. Advertising
While you may advertise on any digital platforms you wish, you may not act as a direct representative, or employee of INEX GEAR and do not have the ability to speak on behalf of the company. You are also not allowed to advertise or associate INEX GEAR with any websites or digital platforms that may be deemed inappropriate or contain vulgar, sexual, racist, offensive or overtly controversial political or social content. In this event, INEX GEAR may contact you and ask you to withdraw from such advertising or your account could be modified or suspended.

INEX GEAR also reserves the right to contact you and ask you to change or modify your advertising methods on search engines or third party sites that compete for advertising space if your advertising is considered harmful in any way to the brand integrity. You may also be asked to refrain from using specific keywords or keyword phrases if it conflicts with INEX GEAR’s own digital marketing and advertising strategy. Furthermore, INEX GEAR does not allow affiliates to advertise on coupon or discount sites, or use bots or automatic algorithmic spam tactics. Clickjacking, linkjacking, typosquatting, or any sort of domain spoofing is also prohibited, as well as unauthorized solicited emailing and illegal or unlawful promotions of INEX GEAR products.

7. Final Terms
This affiliate agreement becomes effective upon completion of your application to the INEX GEAR affiliate program. The receipt of your welcome email and the establishment of your Partner Portal dashboard account confirms your affiliate status and thus holds you liable for the terms stated herein. INEX GEAR may terminate your account and dissolve obligation to this agreement without cause. Upon termination of your affiliate account, you will immediately cease use of your unique URL links, discount codes, and halt all advertising associated with your affiliation with INEX GEAR.

Any act considered a violation of these terms and conditions is instantly grounds for termination of the agreement between you and INEX GEAR. You agree and understand that any earned commissions still outstanding can be forfeited and the affiliate account will be shut down and your access disabled.

8. Release
You release INEX GEAR (and its officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures and employees), from claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential), of every kind and nature, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes. You agree that INEX GEAR shall be released from any and all damages resulting from the failure to receive any benefits of an anticipated collaboration.

9. Indemnity
You will indemnify and hold INEX GEAR (and its officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures and employees), harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of this Agreement, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.

10. Limitation of Liability
INEX GEAR will not be held liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages (or loss of revenue, profits, or data), arising in connection with this Agreement. INEX GEAR's aggregate liability with respect to this agreement will not exceed the total referral commissions paid or payable to you under this agreement. If a dispute arises between you and INEX GEAR, you are to contact INEX GEAR directly at to seek a resolution. It is reasonable that a fair resolve to the dispute will be reached before going through alternative dispute resolution procedures, such as mediation, arbitration, or litigation.


INEX GEAR products are not medical devices and are not suitable for healthcare settings. No product is capable of 100% protection against harmful particles, germs, or viruses. We do not guarantee that our products will protect you against COVID-19 or other viruses. Viruses may be found on the outer surface of face coverings and can be a source of self-contamination. INEX GEAR supports the effectiveness of hand washing and social distancing against viruses. We encourage you to follow governmental guidelines and orders regarding face coverings and other precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic.